1st Meeting with a REALTOR®

Dated: 10/09/2019

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Your 1st Meeting With Your Realtor

How Do You Find A Realtor?

Usually when you are looking for property online you'll come across websites that ask for your phone number and email address to show you additional pictures of the property.  There is usually one or more real estate agents on the other side receiving that information.  We use your phone number and email to reach out to you and see how we can help you and be of service.

We Understand That You May Not Be Ready To Speak With Us

In some cases we get hung up on, or we are told that you were just looking or that you are not ready to buy a home.  We completely understand.  Our goal in reaching out is to find out what your needs are in the future, what yu are looking for, what types of properties you are interested in, so that in the meantime we can at least send you properties that meet your criteria.  We also call to ask if you have any questions that you'd like answers to.  As Realtors, we know that there are certain steps that you need to take before you start looking for property.  Our goal in advising you is to help save you time and money.

The Buyer's Guide Binder

When I go to that first meeting with a client, I like to bring the Buyer's Guide with me.  The Buyer's Guide is provided to us agents by Title Security Agency.  This guide consisit of the steps to the home buying process.  It also has a section on Tucson Attractions and most importantly a SAMPLE Purchase Contract.

The first part of the guide that walks you through the steps lets you know that the 1st step is to hire a Realtor.  The Realtor will tell you your next step is to speak to a lender.  The lender is going to talk to you about your financial profile what you need to do to start the process of qualifying for a mortgage to buy your home.

Let's Discuss Your Desired Timeline

Let's say you already started looking, are you thinking about buying in the next 3, 6, 9, or 12 months?  We want to ask you those questions so we can advise you on the steps you should be taking during that time period.  

Credit Repair

Some people are looking but they need credit repair.  If you need credit repair I'd love to send you to the lender because the lenders that I'm partnered up with do not charge for credit repair services.  

Are You Buying Now?

If you are thinking about buying within the next couple of months it is really important for you to speak with a lender.  Do not wait until you find the house you want to speak with a lender.  You'll miss out on your dream house.  Let the lender help you explore how much buying power you have and zero in on what a good financial fit would be for you and your family.

Your Price Range or Buying Power

Let's say you are looking for homes in the $300k price range and once you speak to the lender he tells you that your max buying power is more in the $200-$250k range?  We don't want you to be discouraged, we'd like to send you properties that are within the range of your buying power.

Home Ownership Is Not For Everyone

Buying a home is not for everyone but if you take the 1st step and are willing to speak with a Realtor I will provide you with all the resources you need to help you make an informed decision to see if home ownership is right for you.

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